About us

Conversation regardless of your language.

The business idea of Nolbi AB is to provide technology for instant interpretation and documentation of phone calls or direct conversations between people. One of the founders of Nolbi, Dr. Shemal Celiker is running a private medical clinic in Sweden. She discovered that many people with poor language skills and insufficient understanding (of Swedish) avoid seeking medical care due to lack of comprehension. Many doctors and nurses experience a lack of available professional interpreters. This led to the idea of developing a digital solution that secures the availability of translation.

The NO Language Barrier Instrument offers innovative cross-language conversation tools that helps to provide better, more seamless and effective two-way communication between service providers and people who do not speak the same language.

Nolbi’s technology solves the problem of translation in a new technical way.The availability 24/7 of a digital translation tool that can be used via telephone communication or at meetings between individuals is something that does not exist right now. When time is a crucial factor, Nolbi can save a lot of time. Locating available interpreters at a certain time with specific language skills is a problem today. Our software can translate the conversation quickly and provide a quality output to the user in real time. Confidentiality is also matter which makes machine translation favorable. Giving sensitive data to a translator might be risky while with machine translation your information is protected.

Other benefits of the services include availability at all hours with no geographical limitation, more than 47 language combinations inclusive dialects are covered and cost benefits and improved working environment.

Magically speak in another language. With Nolbi what you say gets translated into another language, all voice to voice.